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Three Hours
 I think everything is going to be okay.

God, this semester is forcing me to be... organized.  I hate that.

I am going to visit my Chairforce boy over spring break.  While the rest of the collegians throughout the country are fleeing to beaches, I'll be spending my off-time at a military base in Alaska.  I find this notion to be pretty hardcore and awesome.  Parka > bikini.

Just when I think the RP in Insilico is losing steam, something weird happens to get me interested again.  I might start my Champions subscription again in March, when that expansion comes out.  We'll see.

Spent last night watching the last bit of the sci-fi Channel Dune movie with Crystal.  It got more and more hilarious with time.  Everyone in that movie was on some serious drugs, though some more than others.  Por ejemple, Bene Gesserit matron wears giant hat that looks like a vagina, spacing guild guys wear hats that look like phalli, while constantly steepling their fingers and making awkward gestures when they speak.  Hilarious!

Then we started watching Underworld, because that movie is so chock full of overacting.  I swear the guy who plays "Craven" has a Swedish accent, a fact I could not help exaggerating every time he spoke by imitating Skwisgaar from Metalocalypse.

Today I have a dilemma.  I can do something, or I can enjoy the day off.  Or maybe both.  I haven't decided yet, but doing nothing is in danger of winning.

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The costume design in the Dune mini series was very European in the sense the designer tried to imitate Jean Giraud aka Mobeius, especially where the Sisterhood and the Guild were involved.

Check the link, you'll see the ties. Unfortunately, somethings do not translate to film. Giraud's work just doesn't look right outside of drawn art.

I do see the ties. I actually liked the costumes in the mini series, and I especially liked the performance of Baron Harkonen (the Shakespearian flourishes were great).

But... seriously. Genitalia headgear.

Ian McNeice will always be my Baron Harkonnen. Watching him gloat over the paralyzed Leto still has me smiling. And then there's the amazingly perverse scene with him and Feyd...

And I always thought of lionfish when I saw the Reverend Mother... Now, I'll be thinking of other things. It'll certainly put a new spin on my latest re-watching.

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