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Three Hours (Again)
 I forgot to mention why I titled the post "Three Hours".

I saw Watchmen on friday.  It's three hours of my life I'll never get back.

I never read the graphic novel, and unfortunately, now I don't want to.  I have never seen something more high on itself in my life.  It was the most self-indulgent, convulted, artlessly dark piece of film I've ever seen.  The plot twists "surprised" me, I guess, but by the time they came around I was so sick of the movie I didn't care.  Nothing moved me, at all.  I did not give two shits about any of the characters, because there were TOO MANY doing TOO MANY things all the time.  It was also like, 50% flashbacks.  Some of the "deep, philosophical monologues" were just stupid and stale.  

And the whole mess ends with a psychological assertion about humanity's nature that it completely fails to back up thoroughly.  In the end, Watchmen basically states this, "humanity is completely dark, evil, and satanic, and the only way to get it to stop eating itself is to make it afraid of being thwacked with a stick."

It was dour, pompous, and frankly...  I DISAGREE.


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