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Dia de la Computadora!
 Having more and more neck problems.  Think my lifestyle of reading books and sitting at a desk from the age of 12 to 25 is finally catching up with me.  It's sort of a muscle tension problem.  I think I need a new chair, but god damn it, I got this one three years ago for $300.  Pillows kind of help.

RP in Insilico continues to be great.  Deliciously tense, though I'm beginning to see that an OOC meeting between some of the major players in the sim-wide storyling needs to take place before any further clusterfucks result from miscommunication.  That is one drawback to RP on a large scale, even with good players - shit gets confused.  There is a lot of management involved.

I've been doing freelance reviews and editing for a while, but yesterday I wrote my first editorial on a topic that's been bugging me for a while.  Behold!  I am a published author.

Questing and Storylines in MMORPGs - MMO Hut

I need to detail the bathroom and fridge today.  Weather is gorgeous outside.  

Fuck, my neck hurts.


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