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I have to pee!
I do!  But I'm still writing this.

Put off writing an optional rough draft.  It's a poetry explication.  Optional.  Whatever, poetry explications are easy.

I think I need a haircut, I'm starting to feel like Shermie (ten points to whomever gets that reference). 

Um.  Need to get my brows waxed too.  Crystal wants me to meet her mom on friday (what are we, dating?) and says I can't talk about politics because it'll end poorly.  I can respect that.  Free dinner!

I need more pants.  I like these ones, but they're too tight and one of the buttons popped off.  I swear to god I'm a size 10.  Not comfortably, but I can hack it.

I think this girl next to me is crying while she's scanning documents.  Or is she laughing?  Oh, she's on the phone.

Now I'm starting to think about the King of Fighters women.  Honestly, I always liked them better than the women in any other video game series.  One is a hot drag king (named King, no less), and a lot of them wear plenty of clothing and come off as hardcore bitches in powersuits.  Seriously, half of them are such dykes, it's awesome.

Been thinking about Starcraft a lot lately.  I'm very sad they aren't bringing back Glynnis Talken Campbell for Kerrigan.  She was awesome.  Yes, I know it's been ten years, but who cares?  As long as she doesn't smoke...

Stupid Battlestar Galactica bitch.  Tricia Helfer.  What the hell kind of name is Tricia?  Didn't she do the voice of EDI in Mass Effect 2?

That was pretty good.  But can she summon the righteous bitchitude of Kerrigan?  We will see.

These are the things I care about.


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